Unique Architectural Ideas: The Pavillon d’été by Noémie Meney in France

An existing shed, the Pavillon d’été in France is re-modelled by Noémie Meney as a holiday guest home for a couple.

The Pavillon d’été is an existing brick arch house used as a shed in rural Toulon, France, which was later re-designed by architects Noémie Meney for a couple as a holiday guest home. With a strong resemblance to the traditional buildings’ facades, the shed renders a beautiful worn out brick arch, typically found in many rural homes in France. The architect retained the arch and the qualities of the existing space as it portrayed the architecture of the gone era. With the design ideas and concept finalised, the architect had to fit in a flexible living room, kitchen, and bathroom on the ground floor. The bedroom was moved over to the space right above the living room.


It was more like a canopy, where the bedroom overhangs sheltering the living room, and the arch opening, with its double height ceiling creating a space of expanse without hindering the spatial arrangement. The arch facade opens the house onto the open lawn, and, thus extends the interior space to the outdoor, thus bridging the outside with the inside of the house. Not many changes have been done, but only to the extent that it copes and welds well with the existing space.


In the living room, a comfortable sitting lounge, followed by a built-in-kitchen counter to the right and bathroom with a shower unit to the left is designed for a couple. The kitchen counter can be knocked off from view by the door and the bathroom by a curtain, which keeps the living room spacious and clean. Above the living room, a bedroom is designed which is approached by a ladder and the facade of the bedroom is worked with wicker mesh, that is usually used for make furniture. A picturesque home, reflecting the surroundings and the perfect place to unwind for a couple, the home is brought to completion!

Photo bby :- Germain Ferey

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