More Unconventional and Unique Materials for Kitchen Counters – Part 2

concrete kitchen counter tops

Unique and unconventional ideas for counter-top materials for the kitchen that fits in all kinds of budget and caters the individual needs of each home.

In our previous post, we have discussed how we can choose the varied most popular choices for materials for countertops in the kitchen. Here, we are talking of more options, and this time the options are more unique and unconventional.

Copper Counter-tops:

copper counter tops

[Image – Oak Hill Iron]

For those who like the beauty of metals, countertops of copper are quite a choice that can turn heads. While there can be some trouble in maintaining the beauty of the metal as it can reach easily with the substances around, the classy appeal of copper taint is worth a check. The costs are a little on the higher side, but again this is a long lasting choice to make.

Zinc Counter-tops:

zinc kitchen counter tops

[Image – Kemp Hall Studio]

Zinc has been a traditional choice for countertops for decades, but most modern designers would advise you against the same. This is mainly because the beauty of the metal fades sooner than ever, and the costs aren’t less by any means. If you are considering zinc as a choice, you will be happy to know about it works great against microbial elements.

Wooden counter-tops:

wood kitchen counters

[Image –]

Not many people choose wood as a material for kitchen countertops, mainly because of the decaying property. Also, unless wood is sealed well, the water can itself damage the material in a very less time. However, there are choices in very high quality wood, which needs to be coupled with good installation skills, and you can be ready to stun the world.

Solid surface counter-tops:

solid surface counter tops

[Image – Glenvale Kitchens]

Modern manufacturers have come up with solid countertops for the kitchen that are essentially designed to ensure durability and style. The materials are often mixed and hard to guess, but the costs of choices from known brands for such countertops can be extremely on the higher side.

Stainless steel counter-tops:

stainless steel kitchen counter tops

[Image – Studio William Hefner]

If you take a check on the countertops used in high profile kitchens, you will stainless steel to be common choice. It is one of the best materials to have when you are looking for zero maintenance. Also, you can be assured that your kitchen worktops won’t be affected with heat, which is also a great factor. For costs that are usually perfect for the budget customer, stainless steel is an option to check for.

Concrete counter-tops:

concrete kitchen counter tops

[Image – Divine Kitchens]

Concrete is a material from the old school but has many designs and textures, thanks to the use of pigments and dyes. The costs are usually between budget and high end, depending on the color or texture that you are looking for. Most companies charge more for the customized concrete counter-tops.

Marble counter-tops:

marble kitchen counter tops

[Image – Melissa Miranda Interior Design ]

Lovers of style and class can never get enough of marble that offers the most stunning choices in white. Not many people know that marble is softer than granite and can get stains quite easily. In spite of all the hiccups, there is something about the shining stone that we all love!

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