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Unique Wardrobe and Storage Designs for Your Victorian Home

framed sliding doors

A beautiful designed Victorian home always adds value to your real estate property. Should you decide to sell your house; the wardrobe designs can act as one of the factors that make you get a good deal. When planning the wardrobe, you should consider the following factors:
• Think about the dimensions and size of the rooms that you plan to install the wardrobes.
• Choose the right depth for your wardrobes. The closet depth is at least 650 mm to allow for the proper hanging of long clothes.
• Your wardrobe should be designed in a manner that allows for free movement inside the rooms. Wardrobe doors must not crash with the bedroom doors.

Wardrobe Styles

Wardrobe doors are always on display. The wardrobe installer must, therefore, design the doors with care, and have an eye for aesthetic detail. The designer has the responsibility to consider a wide range of materials. The unique wardrobe and storage designs for your Victorian home could even include painted glass on the doors. You can also make a fashion statement by installing inset panels like this so that your wardrobe doors can have contrasting appearances.

wardrobe and storage designs

The wardrobe mirrors are either framed or frameless. You have the option to paint the MDF panels but some Victorian homeowners like to leave the panels plain. If you desire to create a traditional interior outlook as you plan for unique wardrobe and storage designs for your Victorian home, solid cedar door or other hardwood materials.

Wardrobe Door Styles

There are several types of wardrobe door styles that are fit for Victorian homes.

~ Sliding doors: Wardrobes with sliding doors are appropriate for small rooms. Sliding doors do not open into the small rooms and do not eat much of the small space.

~ Hinged doors: If your Victorian has large rooms, you may consider installing hinged doors because they can allow easy access to the internal wardrobe.

Wardrobe Colours

The finish for your wardrobe is as important as the style and door types. Some owners of Victorian homes have discovered that wardrobe colour finishes can make the rooms appear bigger. A wardrobe that is installed in a white-coloured room may be painted in a similar colour because the blend is sparklingly beautiful. Check out the many different antique design wardrobes here to find the best one to compliment your room.

Wardrobe Storage

A well-designed wardrobe is ideally moisture resistant. The designer needs to ensure wardrobes in high moisture areas are installed using moisture -resistant boards. The partitioning and organization are quite essential. Drawer units are part of proper wardrobe design. Creative installers can fix adjustable shelves for your clothes and shoes.

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