Update the living room, the color therapy way!

Add a dash of color makeover to make the living room feel fresh and young again.

You know what the doctors do to psychologically make the patient feel recovered and happy again? They give them ordinary colored pills posing as vitamins to heal them faster, as the patient believes he is getting better due to them! Patients actually claim to be feeling fresh and healed, just using the placebo of the sugar pill. The same therapy can be used on the interiors – employ colors to make the battered and bored room feel fresh and nice again! Try these living room interior decoration ideas and tricks on your plain – Jane living room:




Single wall creativity:




Choose a color you love – should be bright and happy enough to lift the spirit of the room, like turquoise blue or fuchsia or green. Paint the chosen wall in this color, and try to find as many room accessories matching the shade of the wall you can. Visit stores, shop online and look for inspirations! Get cushion covers, artifacts, lampshades, curtains and paintings for the room in a similar theme. Arrange and test the results, choose the best one and retain it!

The textile – lovers’ abode:



We know how much you love soft furnishing! We do too! So we decided to show you this style of redecorating; use the color pill on the cloth you use, instead of the walls or other surfaces. Choose a color that will lift the moods – both of yours and the room. Select a hue and shade palette for that color to be used on the cloth items you could use for the room – the curtains, cushions, rugs, lampshade cover, and patched abstract art on the walls – anything you fancy basically! Go crazy with the plethora of fabric textures you may find, experiment and mix and try to create something with a colorful soul! It will all reflect on the room’s ambience.

Multicolored rainbow effect:


Ideal if you are more of a multi – hue lover, than the monochrome affiant; select a palette of variety of colors, they should be going well with each other though; don’t mix up the greens and yellows for the shock value. Be it subtle or loud, whatever is your style, choose at least 3 or 4 colors and choose accessories for the room in those shades. Assign a role to each color – one must be dominant, others can be auxiliary shades. Mix and match, and see the colors brighten it up!

The love of the feel!



Well, we admit the “feel” of the room is most important. You may like a piece of furniture or particular item like the curtains or lamp too much to part with it due to redecoration. So why not build a style around that piece you love so much? Try to bring all other accessories and the color treatments to fill in according to that particular object. The wicker table is your favorite? Get the room colors to warm up to it, decorate around not within, and find the table to become the attention seeker in the scheme of things. Lovely green pots have your heart? Okay then! The room scheme can be green with a hint of white and wood – and there you go.

These simple styles take little time to pull off and look absolutely stunning and amazing! The main element you need in these styles to work is the color you want, and the living room is all jazzed up in less than a day. Experiment with color palette and see the boring old room feel fresh and nice with your Midas’ touch! Follow these simple décor ideas tricks and see the energies getting elevated.

Have a great time!

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