How to: Visualize accent walls

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For the layman, an accent wall is a wall whose design differs from the design of the other walls in the room. Accent walls can freshen up the room and add zing to the look of your room. Accent walls can be of variety of shades of the color palette that is perfect for your wall, or it is a complimentary color. While creating an accent wall in your room there are certain things one must keep in mind –


While creating an accent wall, which would house either priceless pieces of art, your family potraits or just bringing a zaniness to your room it’s important to have the right kind of lighting. One can opt either for wall scones which will help in redirecting the light towards a specific area or for spotlights to highlight the wall hangings or the color of the wall.

Paint / Wallpaper

Accenting the walls can be in the form of wallpapers, texture paint, hand-painted oil artwork etc. Depending on the size and functionality of the wall these accents vary. It’s crucial to find what will be ideal for your accent wall.

For the beautiful wall which houses your priceless pieces of art to your family pictures to even just creating a contrast to the rest of the room, it becomes a scary notion for some. Fortunately the world is full of inspirational ideas. To help visualize the paint from the images one sees on the web Asian Paints have a tool called Snap It when you can get shade codes for every image. So now you can not only share your inspiration ideas but also replicate them in your home. As part of the app you have to drag and drop the red Snap It button on the left to your bookmarks toolbar to begin. Whenever you come across an image you like on the worldwide web, simply select ‘Snap It’ from your bookmarks, hover over the image, click on the Snap It button to find out the closest Asian Paints shade name and code.

By incorporating a few simple design concepts, one can make a beautiful and comforting not to mention a functional space where you can showcase art or framed family photos. Happy Decorating!!

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