How do you want your lovely home to feel like?

Before embarking on a new project for renovation of the home or starting work at a new place, it is good to figure out what exactly you want the home to feel like.

If you are out exploring design ideas for a new home, or a new look for the old home, it is always good to have a plan in place. For a plan to be there, you first need to figure out what exactly are you looking for in your reinvented place – a simple place to sit and relax, a place where close friends and family will have fun hanging out, a place for staying alone? What is it that makes you gel well with your home? Is there any idea at all? If these questions confuse you or you have no idea about this, get a pen and paper and start brainstorming. Follow these steps to reach an ideal home design to provide to the interior decorator or act as your aid when renovating or decorating a home.

farmhouse-living-room (Image -Kimberley Bryan)

Ask a question:  Ask yourself what you want it to be like. Ask what elements absolutely need to be there and what all can be cancelled out. Figure out how you want to entertain the guests. Procure links or pictures of inspirations and show them to the decorator or keep them with yourself for an idea of what all work you need to do or get done to achieve that perfect look.

transitional-living-room (Image – Mina Brinkey)

If you want your home to give a feeling of relaxation, try being lenient on your “perfect” definition, rather go for a relaxed casualness, which will inspire you to wind down easily in the home rather than be afraid of creasing the sheets or crumpling the pillows on the sofa. A dolled up house looks good but for the relaxed feel, you need to let go of stringent rules and expensive decorative items as well.

farmhouse-home-office (Image – Kimberley Bryan)

 If your home needs to look creative- Let it look a little messy, keep the arty stuff lying about and forget about what opinion people have. Enjoy each moment of that lopsided perfection and make the most of the craft inspirations lying about!

transitional-bedroom (Image – Hoi Ning Wong)

If peacefulness is your aim, look at cool colors, soft furnishings, zero clutter policy and go varied on textures. Have some practical drapes and sheeting around for maximum comfort and minimum stress of maintenance. Keep the “fancy” switch off – you need a place to relax and get peace, not get worked up looking at how much cleaning those sheer white curtains will require.

mediterranean (Image – Mina Brinkey)

 The welcoming haven – If this is your agenda of the ideal, feel-good home, take some time to remember your favorite things and include them in the household. You like a clutter free entryway, the bright cushions look joyous when you enter the house, and lamps attract you or the smell of fresh baking wafting from the oven? Have a bit of all in there and make the home-time work for you.

eclectic-living-room (Image – Gala Venus)

 Fun home – If you are looking for a fun home, here is what to do. Get experimental, get unconventional and get loosened up! Dedicate more time to the home and enjoy the chores. For decorations ideas, one can consult a decorator and add only those decorations, which really mean something to the family and remind you of great times!

farmhouse (Image – Jeni Lee)

The authentic home – A home feels authentic if all your desires right from the childhood till present have been adequately represented. If you love reading, stock up on books. You can display the collection of your toys or other hobbies for the authentic look. Do not worry about the trends – this place is yours! Also, there should be not apologetic attitude regarding how the home looks when people are visiting. You have chosen the look because it makes you feel at home, not because you want to show something off to others.

farmhouse-dining-room (Image – Gala Venus)

Safe and secure feel – Home will feel safe if you want family time to be a private one. Work on increasing privacy and having an appropriate place for everything and everyone.

traditional-living-room (Image – Gala Venus)

 Happy! – How about a happy house? Make a list of all things you think would make important people in your life happy and pick a couple of them each week to accomplish or inculcate in the home. This way, slowly and gradually your home will become a happy place for everyone who matters.

Figuring out what you really want out of the home before plunging into the decoration part is always helpful as it leads to better planning and the end execution is much more satisfying than something just off the top of your decorator’s head. Communicate your design ideas clearly and it will be a gratifying experience!

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