What are the Bathroom Mistakes to Avoid

All you want to know before you take the small steps for the bathroom designing, with hints to obvious mistakes to avoid.

If you are building your own home or are remodeling the old one, there is a lot of scope to do new things. However, what is more imperative is to make changes that will be welcomed even for many years to come. There is a need to maximize the benefits that you can get from the investment, which is about making right choices.

In this post, we will talk of some of the most common mistakes that people make while designing a bathroom. Rather than talking of the size, we will talk how even the private spaces can cater more than a few people with ease. After all, even sometime back, majority of the homes had two bathrooms for the entire house, which called for better use of space and investment.  Check the design bloopers that can be easily avoided.


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Giving the maximum attention to toilet– The first mistake we are talking here is making the bathroom more about using the toilet than anything else. The toilet should not be the main area of attention, even though the functional aspects cannot be denied, and there should be a sink area that can be used separately. You may argue of the space, but when there is one bathroom in the apartment, it makes sense for the husband to use the sink when the wife is in the shower. Of course, if you can separate the toilet and bath area totally from the sink area, nothing like it!


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Keeping no views at all– Those old and damp bathrooms that come with extremely poor lighting and even poorer ventilation is certainly not worth the time and money. At the first place, you have to see if you can have a home where you have an access to outer walls or have the space to create one. In fact, there is no better way to design the bathroom than to have a window that can allow certain amount of sunlight and natural light inside with operable windows. Again, for those who live in the buildings, there are many constraints, but when you have a home, make sure the natural air and light peeps in. Apart from having windows that are operable, you can even think of adding curtains and blinds according to the position of the window.


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Keeping the bathroom in the view– Well, there are homes where the bathrooms are in the line of the view, which means someone in the dining or the adjacent room can simply peep in. This is a huge blunder because it violates the actual policy of privacy, which is extremely essential. Consider the situation when you have guests at home, and while you are engaging in conversations, they are looking right through the bathroom. The bathroom entrance should better be away from direct sight, and for that, you have to see where the views can be restricted a little. Adding a door just helps the situation, but keeping the door away from the sight actually ensures that no one knows that the bathroom is around.

Happy designing!

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