Where to Place the Microwave in the Kitchen – The Most Functional Ideas

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Quick and extremely practical ideas for choosing the place for the microwave in the kitchen with space and options in consideration.

The modern kitchen is never complete without a microwave. While for some people the microwave is perfect for warming the leftovers from yesterday, there are others who actually enjoy microwave cooking. With the modern kitchens getting small than usual, placing the microwave is often a huge concern because we want to use it but don’t want to give too much space. For keeping things simple, we bring a guide that will talk about the most popular ways of placing the microwave in the kitchen.

Option one: In the upper cabinets:

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finding place for the microwave 02

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The cabinets that are above the worktop or cooking area are most commonly used for storing dinnerware. However, think of the place for your microwave, and you will find two huge benefits. Firstly, even when you are not using the microwave time and often, you can still reach it when you want. Also, keep in mind that it frees the lower cabinets for more functional uses, such as storing regularly used canisters, containers and cookware.

Option two: In the lower cabinets:

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If you are one of those who constantly use the microwave for cooking, grilling, warming and more, it is best to place it on the lower cabinets where you can reach it. Even in kitchens where you don’t have high cabinets, this idea works wonders because it is easy and cost-effective to buy and invest in a free standing cabinet that fits the product. For kitchens that have a decent amount of space, the lower cabinet is the best place for the microwave.

Option three: With other home appliances:

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There are homes with a number of appliances for the kitchen. When your kitchen space permits, you can create one corner of the area exclusively for appliances and place all together. Along with the blender, mixer, grinders, toaster, juicer and coffee maker, the microwave can fit in just perfectly. This is a perfect idea when you want the appliances of your house to be together and organized.

Option four: Over the stove:

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Most kitchens do have the regular cooking stoves, and it can be a good idea to place the microwave above the gas. This ensures that both your cooking styles are near to each other, so when you are looking for more mixed style cooking. While you are cooking a fresh dish, you can warm the last night’s pizza or bake your cake at the same time.

Option five: On small furniture:

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Not all kitchens have cabinets and spaces for accommodating a microwave, and this holds true especially when you are in a rented accommodation. In such cases, you can buy a table or small portable furniture shelves that are strong and sturdy enough for the microwave to be placed.

With nutrition experts and dieticians talking of all the benefits related to low oil and fresh cooking, the need for microwave will continue. So, it is good to keep space in your kitchen, if you don’t have one.

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