Zephyros Villa in Pomos, Cyprus by Koutsoftides Architects

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The Zephyros Villa is perfectly located in Pomos, Cyprus and has been designed by design studio Koutsoftides Architects.

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Zephyros Villa is a beautiful contemporary home that has been designed as a vacation home for a family in Pomos, Cyprus. Designed by Koutsoftides Architects, the house is a gorgeous creation in concrete; so much so, the owners have made it their permanent home.

The exteriors: Since the house was designed as a vacationing home, the design reflects a laid back atmosphere. The boundaries have been created of stone, while the main structure in the concrete look. There is an extended balcony for amazing views, and the swimming pool is more like a part of the interiors even though it’s meant to be fun on the exteriors.

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The interiors: The entire house has been done with extreme luxury. The floors around the house have been completed in white tiles, while the surroundings around the house on the upper level are done in glass for unrestricted views. The large sliding doors of the house open up easily to offer sights of the surroundings right from the rooms. The entire walls of the residence have been designed in glass walls from the floor to the ceilings even within the living spaces that create a balance all over. The main theme of the house is in white, and therefore the kitchen counters and cabinets are also in white in a glossy finish.

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Furniture and lighting: Very geometrical shaped modern furniture has been used in the living spaces in dark colors that work widely with the white floors. Additionally, there are white tables and chairs that are used as needed. Beautiful mounted LED lights adorn the ceilings of the wall and bring a very good texture to the objects around. Watch for the color lighting in some areas that create value!

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Photos Courtesy: Costas Koutsoftides, Costas Efstathopoulos and Christos Papantoniou

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