Modern Apartment in Poland Designed By Republika Architektury

apartment in poland nowe powisle 01

An inimitable modern apartment designed by Republika Architektury in Nowe Powiśle located in Poland with use of best available contemporary furniture and lighting.

Republika Architektury is a known design company, known exclusively for their modern and classic style projects. Located in Nowe Powiśle, which is in Poland, this is a stylish concept of modern apartment from the company that is uncomplicated and sophisticated at the same time. The size of the apartment is approximately 180 square meters and it is located on the top floor of a huge building, making it possible for the owners to enjoy the best views of the town. Taking glares at the Vistula River of the region one side, the other side of the apartment looks over the Old Town.

apartment in poland nowe powisle 02

All rooms are designed with exquisiteness with a large number of modern and contemporary materials on use. For the walls of a few rooms, the designers have used silk wallpapers, while some of the floors are in oak. There is also extensive use of leather, natural veneers and carrara marble. While most of the designs are in earthen tones, there is a unique use of orange and navy blue accents. As for the use of furniture, the designers have made their selections from the best available companies and designs. Also, the lighting is extremely exceptional with use of pendant lights and soft lighting. Most of the walls are here in a light finish, mostly in white and a few in blue, which have been contrasted with furniture, fabrics, lights and more.

Photos courtesy of Republika Architektury

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